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Landship Foods is inspired by the conviction that growing and eating healthy food is one of the most important things we can do for both ourselves and the broader communities of which we are a part. The name comes from the language of pre-industrial Europe. Before the enclosure movement and the associated rise in notions of private property swept England, the suffix “-ship” (as in "relationship," or "friendship") referred to an object or an abstraction with collective duties and mutual rights. Thus, the term “landship” suggests that land was an entity through which humans were joined to each other by a set of rights and responsibilities. I advocate for a revival of this awareness.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Desert Festivals

I read somewhere recently that we are mistaken to think of rain strictly in a utilitarian or functional sense; it is also a festival. This applies to life in general, really: we should try to balance our more goal-oriented thinking with a general appreciation for experiences. Even though the delirium-inducing heat of the Southwest summer has set in for good, it has been easy to recognize the festivals recently. The crops are generally responding with vigor to the sun; we have finished off most of the early, leafy greens. Last week we roasted a whole hog from a local pig farmer (one of the best food festivals I can imagine). In preparation for the pickin', I wore out a chain on the Stihl and went to the only place in Thoreau that sells chainsaw equipment, Johnnie's Inn. You may think this sounds like a strange name for a Stihl dealership, and it would be if Johnnie wasn't a multi-tasker, but he also sells liquor. An interesting combination of merchandise, for sure. I have been busy pruning and trellising the flowering tomatoes; and today we butchered a "small" elk that was injured in its confrontation with a speeding vehicle. It is strange to call a 500 lb. animal anything other than "monstrous," but it was a young bull that would have more than doubled in size. We will have a jerky festival soon...


Venus said...

So he sells chainsaws *and* liquor? Am I the only one who thinks this is a wee bit dangerous? What the?

Levi said...

Yes, possibly the most dangerous combo-store ever...Also in the "favorite combo-store" category: I do remember seeing once, in Georgia, a tire and bible store.