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Landship Foods is inspired by the conviction that growing and eating healthy food is one of the most important things we can do for both ourselves and the broader communities of which we are a part. The name comes from the language of pre-industrial Europe. Before the enclosure movement and the associated rise in notions of private property swept England, the suffix “-ship” (as in "relationship," or "friendship") referred to an object or an abstraction with collective duties and mutual rights. Thus, the term “landship” suggests that land was an entity through which humans were joined to each other by a set of rights and responsibilities. I advocate for a revival of this awareness.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Sky Summer

I'm at a food and agriculture conference in Montana. Here is a brief summary so far:

If I weren't worried about offending my Georgia readers who have been sweltering in the dog days of summer for a while now, I would point out that the highs here in Montana are about 65 presently...but that would just be rude.

When the conference ends, my summer begins. More updates soon.


Shingler's List said...

cool pic! hope y'all are having fun and catching some supper. :)

T. Henry Johnson said...

Well, you missed out on the spicy events here in springfield. The blowhard from MS State got moved onto a panel with me! (You met him in Columbia, SC). It was hard not to laugh when he read his paper.