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Landship Foods is inspired by the conviction that growing and eating healthy food is one of the most important things we can do for both ourselves and the broader communities of which we are a part. The name comes from the language of pre-industrial Europe. Before the enclosure movement and the associated rise in notions of private property swept England, the suffix “-ship” (as in "relationship," or "friendship") referred to an object or an abstraction with collective duties and mutual rights. Thus, the term “landship” suggests that land was an entity through which humans were joined to each other by a set of rights and responsibilities. I advocate for a revival of this awareness.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

New Format

Its time for a change. Now that I'm in Charleston and reading consistently for my comprehensive exams - hence, not doing much farm work - I want to try a different blog format. As I spend most of each day reading, I will post an interesting excerpt everyday. It might be insightful, provocative, inspirational, challenging...and perhaps there will even be something funny (although given the nature of my readings, I can't promise that). Many of them will likely pertain to food, agriculture, or the US south. I will mostly refrain from commenting on them, but feel free to yourself. The first shot at this comes from an essay by John Shelton Reed in an edited collection of essays called, Dixie Emporium: Tourism, Foodways, and Consumer Culture in the American South: "In the South blacks and whites have historically eaten at separate tables, but insofar as means allowed they have eaten the same things...And these days, when blacks and whites come together in fellowship, as they do (albeit all too rarely), food usually seems to be involved."

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